9 Morning Hacks That Will Help You Start The New Week

Are you one of those that hate Mondays and prefer to sleep in? I have shared 9-morning hacks that will make the new week a little better and motivate you to get up in the morning!

This morning routine works for every woman out there who want to swap out old habits and change their lifestyle. Whether you have the typical 9-5 job or work for yourself, it never goes wrong with a good morning routine.

  1. Don´t hit the snooze button

I don’t know when you choose to wake up in the morning, but one of the typical mistakes we usually do is hitting the infamous snooze-button. Ever heard of the expression “you snooze, you lose”? Always make sure you have the phone at a place you can`t reach from your bed. It is not a crime sleeping in of course, but it is never a good idea!

woman sitting on bed looking outside the window

    2. Listen to meditational music

Something I like to do to get the best start of the day is to listen to some refreshing, inspiring and motivational meditation music. Even if you don`t know how to meditate, it is still healthy for the mind and body. My favorites are positive affirmations, money manifestation and natural sounds from nature. Listening to positive music and affirmations will increase your serotonin levels and make you more positive and relaxed.

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     3. Avoid using the phone the minute you wake up

This one is hard, I know! We all love to wake up and read the news in the morning or gossip about our favorite celeb, but this is not helping our mind to focus, detox and prepare for the new day. The worse thing you can do is to feed the mind with things that won`t benefit your mindset and will only make you demotivated and focused on other things. For example, if you read negative stuff in the morning, your mind will get attracted to it because of our minds natural state of thinking, where 70% of the negatives during the day will be more appreciated rather than the positives. Weird, right?

woman using her smartphone

So if you feed your mind with educational, beneficial and motivational “food” it will make a big difference in your mindset and help with creativity.

4. Write down three goals for the day

Writing down your goals for the day will help to set your mind on what you want to achieve and make you more focused on work. Achieving your goals will both boost your work ethic and confidence, and will make you want to achieve the same results or even better the next day. It is always a good idea to challenge yourself!

person writing on a book

5. Eat a good and healthy breakfast

Having a good breakfast is helping your mind and body to prepare for the new day and also gives you the ultimate boost you need to stay energized and focused throughout the day. I recommend eating lots of nutrients and fiber-based food which will help your mind reach its fullest potential. Avoid too much sugar or high carbohydrates in the morning as well, since this will unbalance your sugar-levels.

slice fruits on plate on near glass cups

6. Do morning stretches 

Doing stretches in the morning will make such a difference for your oxygen-levels and blood circulation. It is proved by science that stretching of the muscles will help with blood flow and stimulation of the brain. I also recommend watching YouTube videos of certain stretches to find the one that will be most beneficial for you.

woman stretching inside the room

7. Keep your mind active

There are many ways you can keep your mind active and prevent it from going into sleep mode. One of them is reading an educational book or doing crosswords which will help stimulate your minds productivity and keep your mind active for the next few hours. It is also said that the brain is more active in the first few hours in the morning, which is always a good time to start with any projects or ideas.

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8. Go for a walk or run

Keeping your body active by either going for a walk or quick run is the best and healthiest thing you can do in the morning, as it stimulates the body’s functionality and makes you perform better throughout the day.

9. Focus on yourself

It is very easy to fall into old habits by putting other peoples needs before yourself. I always try to focus on myself and my goals in the morning and avoid any unimportant phone calls or emails the first few hours. Don`t get sucked into other peoples problems and situations that have nothing to do with you – put yourself and your tasks first, before doing errands or favors for your friends and relatives.

I hope you like my morning routine and that it will bring you something good.