5 Things Every Girlboss Should Have In Their Work Bag


Whether you are a hard-working CEO, start-up tech savvy or fulltime lifestyle blogger, it is important to have our most important things to hand, especially when we are out and about. Therefore I dedicate this post to all #girlbosses out there, that are always on the run, visiting events after events or are having meetings and business trips in their schedule.

We all know that a good bag is a lifesaver in everyday lives and is the most important accessory when we are out of the house. You never know when you need to run for errands and especially busy women like myself don`t have time to go through the entire apartment to find keys and wallets at the last minute.

Nothing is worse than being late for either work or an important event because we can’t find our necessities, which “might” be laying under the bed somewhere at home. I mean, we all been there right?

There are five specific things any hard working woman should keep in their bag at all times, you can find the list below:

  1. Notepad and something to write with

Yes, you might think your phone is good enough, but we very well know that today’s tech doesn’t help us when we actually need it. I can count on my hand how many times I`ve had no battery on my phone because it decided to take a daily nap in the middle of a meeting or in an emergency … This is when you need your little “black book” and a golden pen. Trust me, it never goes wrong!

selective focus photography of people sitting on chairs while writing on notebooks

2. Spare charger or a power bank

However, if you don`t like to write and are used to having your phone with you at all times, it is important to bring a spare charger or power bank with you at all times. Another tip is to always make sure to charge the power bank overnight, don`t leave it in the bag and believe it will stay alive until the next morning. Also, you never know when you meet someone important and it would be sad to miss a good selfie moment, right?

white and black security camera set

3. Business cards

Okay, this is a mandatory one. You know when you are out with your colleagues on a Friday evening and then the golden opportunity comes up, but you are a little too tipsy to remember all your business details at hand? Yep, that was me one time! Always remember to keep the business cards in the purse at all times, it will save you so much hassle!

group of people tossing wine glass

4. Spare pair of high heels/trainers

You won`t always have the time to run home quickly to change, therefore it is always a good idea to have a spare pair in your bag. You never know when you get invited to an office party or blog event. This depends on what footwear you use of course, but no one wants that burning sensation after a long day at work.

woman holding clear glass candle holder and grayscale portrait of a woman

5. Instant Coffee Powder + cup

You won’t always be in a place that has available instant coffee, which is why it’s a good idea to keep “instant coffee powders” in your bag for a quick energy fix. This is especially good to have when you are on travels or working late nights at the office.

two person holding black Madcap coffee disposable cups

Hope you like my post and that it will make your busy life a little easier!