How To Nail The First Job Interview and Get Hired The Next Day


I was only 19 when I got my first real job in the costumer service department for Groupon in London. I was thrilled to be working in one of the nicer areas of London and for a well known company. With a smile on my face, some nerves and faith in myself I went in to the interview.

Even though it was my first job interview in London since moving from Norway, I still gave it my shot and believe it or not: I got the job the next day!

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was screaming of happiness and was dancing in my room whilst dreaming of my first day at the new job. It was both exciting and scary at the same time!

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Whatever job there is you are looking for, you need to find out what ticks the interviewer and find out if you are the right candidate for it. Whether its in costumer service, retail, sales or admin or something else, you need to know how to impress the interviewers.

Have A Good First Impression

First impression has everything to say if you get the job or not. Meaning the first 5-10 seconds you show up in the room and present yourself, makes 70% of the entire interview. If you give them a good first impression, you will already have it in the bag.

Prepare yourself

You never know who will be doing the interview, it could well as be the owner of the company. Therefor it is always a good idea to prepare yourself for the interview process and do your own research. Doing this will show them that your interested in both their history and values.

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Dont be late 

This one is probably one of the most important tip to remember when going for an interview. It doesn’t matter if you are 2 or 5 minutes late. CEO`s and representatives of the company are trained timekeepers and will in most cases not accept it. If you really want the job it is always a good idea to be at least 30 minutes before the actual interview.

Job interview 2019

Ask the right questions 

Have you ever been to an interview and got the infamous question “Do you have any questions?” before the interview is about to end? Out of previous experience I`ve realised that it is important to ask questions even if you dont have one. Reason for this? – Asking questions will show them your invested in their company and the future of the company, which will play a big part in your interview process.

Think before you speak

This one probably speaks for itself. Never say anything negative or bad about previous employers, clients or other work relationships. Doing this will give them the impression that you are a negative person and that you have many “enemies”. Most companies never appreciate gossip, even if its about their competition. After all, why are you taking about the past? You are there to be the new face of their company!

Be yourself 

Always remember to be yourself during the interview and dont be afraid to make them laugh or impress them with your skills and accomplishments. Its okay to brag a little! This will make them more interested in you as a person and will make them want to work with you in the future.

Job interview 2019

Dress to impress

Find your best suit or dress and impress them with your sense of style! This is perfect if the interview is for a retail or sales company representing fashion or style. It is always a good idea to look representable, whoever industry you are interviewing for. Find a way to both feel comfortable and fashionable.

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