How To Find The Perfect Career Path


Finding a career path can be just as challenging as studying for a big test. It is not every question on the test you will be able to know by heart, the same goes with choosing a career. Whether it is in beauty, fashion or lifestyle there are a few things that stick out when looking at the alternatives. 

After I went to college I discovered that the subject I was mainly studying wasn´t something I was really good at, or for that fact had any interest in. So I started to ask myself this question “why am I doing this?” and “is this really something for me?” You might think I was very sure about my decision when I was deciding between college applications, but as the months went by I realized that I had not thought it all through. I had not found my “real” purpose for choosing the main subject I was studying and I kind of went with the flow.

The honest truth is, you don`t need to choose something just because other people have made a decision and know what path they want to take in life. With patience, you will eventually find the career path that is meant for you. Even if it takes a few extra months.

So here comes a bunch of pinpoints that are worth remembering next time you pinch yourself, whilst trying to find the perfect career path. 

  1. Find out what you are good at 

It is no secret that you need to know about the career you want to take, even if its in beauty or makeup. Start by studying the basics and build your knowledge from there. You can do this by either go to some classes, by taking a beauty/makeup course or talk to other people that are already working in the industry and find out if its something that suits you. Of course, finding a career path won’t be easy at first, but with some research and hard work you will find out what you are good at.

     2. Don’t be afraid to take risks 

One of the most important things in finding a career is to take risks, and with risks comes mistakes. You will make hundreds of mistakes in the beginning and this is something every entrepreneur or professional have had to experience. You won’t always be perfect and you have to learn from your mistakes and choices you make on the way. This goes for whether you choose a career that leads to starting your own company or a career in network marketing. Whatever it is you go for, remember that no one is perfect and that it is perfectly normal to not know everything. 

   3. Believe in yourself 

Another important thing to remember when trying to find a career path is to believe in yourself and be your own motivator. Often when we start with something we have the habit of becoming unmotivated, bored or we stop believing it is possible. This is probably one of the first things that make us lose either interest or passion and instead of fixing it we get discouraged and start with another project. If you truly believe you can do something there is nothing that can stop you!

  4. Write down your dream job and strategies

You might have an idea of what your dream job is already or maybe you haven´t figured it out yet. But whatever job it is you are thinking of, it is important to have a clear mindset. Writing down your dream job and requirements to get it will help you set a long term plan. Make your own vision board with the dream job in the middle, or make a working strategy that will land you the exact job you want. There is nothing that can prevent you from getting where you want with a clear goal and mindset. 

5. You have to start somewhere 

Whether you are at the end of your studies or are in the process of starting one, you have to start somewhere. The same goes for choosing a career. The time is now. If you are reading this now and are still waiting for the right moment, the truth is: – There is never a right moment.